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Bob N. 11-22-07 10:53 AM

Removing paint from tires
Hello everybody,

Does anyone know a good way to remove the manufacturer's name/logo from a set of tires? Part is printed over a ridgey section of the tire.

I know, I'm way to into appearances......;)


Marrock 11-22-07 12:38 PM

Plastic potscrubbers.

Bob N. 11-22-07 03:58 PM

and lots of elbow grease?

Marrock 11-22-07 04:13 PM

Gallons of it.

ken cummings 11-22-07 04:17 PM

Dremel moto-tool with fine grit and a gentle touch.

CB HI 11-22-07 08:59 PM

You could paint the paint black.

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