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optimizer 11-24-07 11:34 AM

Mystery Stand Up Reverse Tricycle, who'll be first to identify?
This is to see if you were paying attention 100% attention at the trade show or how well you know the industry (Who's going to be 1st to identify it?):-

I've searched the web for a Stand Up ridden Reverse Tricycle I saw for sale in a small town 100 miles away from my larger City - just far enough not to want to drive all that way for it. Surely the distributor is in our city and selling somewhere here. Anyway, first I've been totally unable to identify it, and that's where I hope you can help. It was only $40-00, probably Chinese/Korean etc. It's teenager/adult sized. Had 2 small wheels at front that look like Indy/Formula 1 race car tires 6" diameter and 4" wide, black. I think they had a yellow or bright color painted frame. I'm fairly sure they had the letters "It" (although they were written in shaky modern style, so could be different letters that I thought they were) on what would be the crossbar (which makes it hard for internet searching). I think the rear wheel was a regular spoked larger bike wheel, but at least not the tiny F1 look tires that are on the front. It was a fairly unique looking thing with those fat tires at the front, so hoping you know instantly who makes it. My friend seems to think it didn't have a seat - maybe some knee rest thing, although I've forgotten all that and we're not sure.
We saw a kid zipping around one one. The fat small front wheels steering the way and the riding standing up really made it stand out.

Wish I knew what it was...

Anyone know and have links to "It"?


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