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n8tron 11-27-07 12:54 AM

Cleaning/maintaining brook leather bar wrap.
I put some gorgeous brown leather brooks wrap on my bike and just weeks after it has started to discolor where my hands are on it most. What do you recommend to clean and maintain the leather wrap?

Jacobi 11-27-07 12:59 AM

I'm guessing that the discoloring you're referring to is actually moisture. If you stop riding it for about ten days then it will dry out completely and return to a uniform color!

As far as treating the leather, I treat the saddle, bag, and bar tape with the Proofide!


n8tron 11-27-07 01:23 AM

i was off the bike for a week due to a sprained wrist and the color never changed so I don't think its that... I'll check out that proofide.


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