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Bushpilot 12-02-07 01:51 AM

um......thanks anyway but i found what i was looking for

Delete thread

mud 12-02-07 03:13 PM

Next thread "How to delete thread"
Mud :rolleyes:

Stacey 12-02-07 03:24 PM

OP, delete the thread yourself

Bushpilot 12-03-07 03:17 AM


Originally Posted by Stacey (Post 5732133)
OP, delete the thread yourself

i would like too Stacey

I will have to wait for a mod

ps you stood me up for dinner :(

cyclist2000 02-22-10 02:42 PM


RonH 02-22-10 03:14 PM


Originally Posted by cyclist2000 (Post 10436549)

Resurrecting an old thread will not help. :o

Go here to learn how to post a pic. -->

cyclist2000 02-22-10 11:18 PM

Sorry, I tried to delete my post after I realized it was an old post in the general discussion forum, wasn't trying to dredge up an old thread.

So everyone just let this one die.

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