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omartian 12-07-07 08:15 PM

Tall man's recumbent
Hi folks, I posted this in the recumbent thread as well, but I figure I could put it here also.

I'm 6'7'' (37 inch inseam) and have been in the market for a good recumbent exercise bike that is under 500 bucks.

I've been scouring amazon's user reviews to find the best recumbent and I was impressed with Schwinn's scores on the 213 and the 230. One poster said he was 6'3'', another said he had a 35 inch inseam.

I thought this was ok, so i went to Dick's to sit on the bike before purchasing it. Truth be told, the 230 was a bit snug, if I had maybe 3-5 more inches of pedal room, it would be perfect, but if i'm spending this much cash, I want to be totally comfortable. They didn't have the 213 in stock.

So if you know of a well reviewed bike that could accommodate my height for under $500, please let me know. Thank you.

JanMM 12-07-07 08:29 PM

Again, this is a bicycling forum, not an exercise machine forum. Although, someone here might know a lot about excercise bikes.

East Hill 12-07-07 09:25 PM

Hi omartian, at that height you are considered a 'Clydesdale', so you might ask this question in the Clyde/Athena forum. However, as you asking about an exercise bike, rather than an actual cycle, I'm not certain that even the Clydes can help...but they would still be the best people to ask.

In the meantime, welcome to Bike Forums!

East Hill

martianone 12-08-07 04:48 AM

If you have a bike,
put it on a trainer.

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