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TrekRider 09-06-03 02:35 PM

Kryptonite Locking Skewers
Does anyone use the Kryptonite locking skewers for their wheels and seat?

If so, are they easy to use? Do they add rolling resistance?

roscoecommuter 09-07-03 07:28 AM

I have used the Kryptonite locking skewers for about a year, replacing quick-release components. I do think they are pretty easy to use and certainly add peace-of-mind security. Unlike most Kryptonite locks, the skewers only come with one key, so make sure to write down the key number or order a second one, in case you lose the key. I don't quite understand your question about rolling resistance, but believe that there is no affect one way or the other.

randya 09-07-03 11:38 PM

I've been using Pitlock locking skewers, they are very nicely made and work great, no need to worry about having a quick release wheel stolen, but they're mfg in Germany, and they're no longer supporting a US web site (no US distributor?), so you have to wire money to Germany at great expense, plus you need a translator to read their web site and other communications now. This is a great product, really too bad about the US web site...

I also do not understand rolling resistance question? The type of skewer should make absolutely no difference.

Richard D 09-08-03 01:52 AM

I've heard mixed reviews as to how secure they are. The locks look fine but I've heard that with two pairs of pliers you can remove them fairly easily, but this is just hear say... Personally I use fairly cheap Allen key skewers which to my mind whilst not a deterent to a professional (or reasonably determined)thief will probably stop casual theft by kids.

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