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drb2003 02-17-08 06:20 PM

Anyone else think about Sheldon when they lock their bike up?
I do, every single time!

Creakyknees 02-19-08 10:21 AM

Like, Sheldon's the patron saint of locking your bike now? I'm missing something...

MKahrl 02-19-08 04:20 PM

Many years ago I was visiting Boston and was in a bike shop in a suburb west of the city. The young guy in line in front of me was buying a Kryptonite lock. The older gentleman waiting on him gave him this advice: "Use the lock like you use birth control. Every single time."

I don't know if it was Sheldon. But I think about that remark every time I lock up.

oopfoo 02-20-08 08:57 AM

Originally Posted by drb2003 (Post 6182841)
I do, every single time!

You do know that Sheldon's not likely to steal it, right?

MMACH 5 02-20-08 09:15 AM

I don't have to leave my bike outside very often, so I can't say that I think about him while locking.

It was one of his writings that encouraged me to switch my brake levers to front-to-right and vice-versa. I do think of him often, when braking.

He will be sorely missed for years to come.

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