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raleighrider75 02-22-08 01:55 PM

The Monster
I got a chance to try one of these.What an amazingly smooth ride.It is equipped with 36x2.00 Coker tires.It only comes as a single speed but I'm sure it wouldn't be too hard to relace a Sturmey or a Nexus in there.What a cool ride.

StephenH 02-22-08 10:52 PM

It sounds like an intriguing idea to me, I'm just not sure how goofy I'd look riding it around. Are they selling them again? Last time I looked, they were out of stock for the moment.

I hadn't noticed how small that front sprocket is- makes sense, but looks funny- they should have used bigger sprockets front and rear just for cosmetics.

Update: Just checked on the Coker site, they show two different unicycles, no Monster Bike, no Highwheel Bike- they previously showed those as "out of stock".

StephenH 03-18-08 07:00 PM

Update...while looking at Unicycles, I noticed that Qu-Ax, which also sells Coker-sized unicycles, also shows the Monsterbike and the Penny-Farthing on their website. I don't know about availability; they just list one US retailer who may or may not actually carry these items.

LanceFanBoy 03-19-08 12:02 PM

There is an area in Buffalo called Elmwood & Allentown that this bike would be like the Ferrari of all vintage looking bikes. People here would die for this.

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