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giorgios 03-18-08 04:59 PM

LA to Boston

Any thoughts or predictions on Lance Armstrong racing the upcomming Boston Marathon? Is it in his cards to become a world class marathoner? Sub 2:15?

Machka 03-18-08 05:12 PM

And here I was about to tell you to post your cross-country tour from LA to Boston in the touring forum. To me, LA is a city.

Jakedatc 03-21-08 05:05 PM

doubtful.. he only did 2:46 in NYC and Boston is harder. He's in good shape but the top guys in the sport are on a different level. not getting any younger either. It'll be a great stage to earn $ for the charity but i don't think he'll be winning any medals.

hehe we'll see what kinda hill climber he is on his feet when he gets to Wellesley

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