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CB900SS 03-20-08 06:04 PM

Buying cycling parts from Yahoo Japan.
I just thought I would let you all in on a little company called Rinkya. I have used them to buy hard to find vintage motorcycle parts from Japan. Now I know their is plenty of cycling parts on yahoo Japan auctions.

Here is a wheel for example,

I am not sure about the prices compared to the prices around here, you will have to convert the Japanese Yen to whatever currency you use. If you see two prices on the page and the lower one is highlighted in yellow that is the buy it now price.

As you see yahoo Japan is a lot like ebay, only its in Japanese and you can't directly bid on these auctions because the sellers won't ship the items out of Japan. So you have to go through Rinkya to do this, you sign up with them and give them a credit card deposit, you can bid 5x that amount. Then you have to pay for the item, plus many fee's they charge you. On their website it tells you all about it... I won't go into much further detail because I am not sure of the interest in something like this. I like it for my motorcycle parts!

CB900SS 03-20-08 06:12 PM

These wheels are $25 BIN,

But you have to pay rinkya's fees and pay to ship them. Probably over $100 after you do all of that.

And a set with shimano 600 hubs,
It is a seven speed with 126mm rear spacing.

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