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DnvrFox 10-30-03 08:31 PM

Extreme Weather Changes, Fires And Biking
Yesterday I was riding in Denver in 80+ F weather with a sleeveless jersey and some gusty winds to about 50 mph. But, it was still a great ride.

On my return I saw the billowing smoke from the Jamestown Fire (reported 6 homes burned) and then the fire just a bit west of my home in Parker - 12,000 folks evacuated.

Today, I am in Estes Park where the high was 20 F. High in Denver about 28 F, I would guess. Driving through Rocky Mountain National Park the trees were all coated with ice from the thick fog. Glorious!!

Also saw literally 100's of elk throughout RMNP and Estes Park.

We retraced a portion of the route I took on the Ride the Rockies a few years back. My wife could not believe that I had actually ridden scores of miles up those steep roads on Trail Ridge Road and Left Hand Canyon through Ward.

What a change in one day - also puts the fires down.

Chris L 10-30-03 09:05 PM

I am quoted on this forum repeatedly as saying I will happily ride in hail every day for eternity if it means I never once have to ride in bushfire smoke again. However, I know what you mean. We had a couple of nice storms here last weekend. I remember riding up Springbrook on Sunday, climbing the switchbacks through the remains of one of those storms, patches of mist dotting the mountain views everywhere. Just beautiful!

John E 10-31-03 09:24 AM

I avoided almost all outdoor (and most indoor) exercise from midday Sunday through last night, because of the heavy layer of smoke which has blanketed San Diego County. This series of fires was far worse than what I went through in Los Angeles in 1961, when my elementary school was evacuated, several of my friends' homes burned, and our house was flooded by rain-driven mudslides a few weeks after the fire.

Smoke from any major fire is obviously a severe health hazard.

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