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kkills 03-24-08 01:42 PM

newbie project needs your story!
Hi all!
I'm a newbie fixie enthusiast from Grand Junction, Colorado but I live in Savannah, Georgia and frequent Philadelphia.

I own a couple lovely bikes (khs flite, fuji finest, vintage pugeot & haro mb) and I'm working on an industrial design project to make clubs that prevent wheel theft! It's in the research phase right now, gathering information, stats and product info.

If anyone has stories about stolen wheels, stealing wheels, using anti-theft components like Pitlocks or skewers, or wants to swap ideas ... holler at me!

Little Darwin 03-24-08 01:57 PM

No thefts, but I can show you almost any time one specific bike in Wilkes-Barre that has a front wheel secured very well, but I could take the bike (minus the wheel) any time I wanted.

So, a design that somehow defeats using the lock in a stupid way would be a winner for some people.

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