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Chuvak 10-31-03 12:15 PM

Fook the Bicycling mag.
I’ve got a problem with the magazines actually getting to my mailbox. My subscription is for both, “Bicycling” and “Mountain Bike”. Second month in a row for some reason I am not getting “Mountain Bike” I have reported missing issue last month and got a reply that it was sent out to me again. 3 weeks later to my surprise, I’ve got it, but it was another issue of “Bicycling” :rolleyes: . Crap……what a dumb a$$es! I have decided not to call anymore and decided to let this one go. So here comes the month of November, I walk to my mailbox and discover the December issue of “Bicycling” magazine without a trace of “Mountain Bike”, again?!. I call up and get the answer:
Her: Oh sorry we don’t know what the problem is :crash: .
Me: What do you mean? You can see that the same thing happened last month and you still don’t know what the problem is. I have paid the subscription for both and want to get the service you have promised.
Her: I understand but we don’t handle issues with “mountain bike” here, you will have to call them and report it.
Me: Why? I have called last moth and apparently you did handle the issues for both MB and Bicycling. (Keep in mind that “Mountain Bike” magazine have merged with “Bicycling”)
Her: I don’t know, you going to have to call them.
Me: Fine, can I have the phone number?
Her: Sorry but at the moment we don’t have the phone number.

I’m not going to continue this dialogue, as it was a bit ugly. I’m outraged about the way they handle the calls and customer issues. Does any one else on the forums subscribe to these magz? You have any problems with them? If I’m not going to get the Mountain Bike issue by the end of the month, I will definitely not renew my subscription. Not to mention there are plenty more magazines out there that are worthy of reading.

Prosody 10-31-03 04:56 PM

I know from experience that your problem just might be your letter carrier. Go to your post office and fill out a complaint form. On the form, indicate the magazines that do not regularly come. The post office can track magazines.

--Prosody, who has the country's worst letter carrier.

dirtbikedude 10-31-03 05:23 PM

I get both mags and they come together in a single, plastic and sealed bag.
may be some one is snagging your MTB mag. Is your address on the Bike mag? Our address is on the bag the mags come in.


threadend 10-31-03 05:25 PM

Do the magizines look read when you receive them?

Is your mailperson a cyclist? ;)

Chuvak 10-31-03 10:47 PM

When I receive both magz they are in the bag but for the past 2 months the address was printed on the magazine itself so I know that it's not the mail service. Who ever is mailing them out is messing everything up. I have filed a complaint via their web site. Should get a reply in 1-2 days.

Mtn Mike 10-31-03 11:10 PM

hmm, I get Bicycling through the LAB, but have never received Mtn Bike. What's up with that? Oh well, neither mag is that good anyway; I prefer Dirt Rag Mag

Chuvak 11-01-03 11:51 AM

The thing that is up with that is when I signed up for Mountain bike I began to receive both, because like they said Mountain bike is not published separately anymore and since I signed up for MTB I will receive it with Bicycling.

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