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totoroben 03-24-08 11:32 PM

Tallest mass produced bicycles.
Hello Bikeforums,
I am a 6'7" person and am looking for the tallest mass-produced bicycles known. In this forum I am going to draw a line in the sand: If you know of any mass-produced frames that are greater than or equal to 25in/65cm post here please. They can be up-to-date or discontinued bicycles. Hopefully this thread will address taller riders. I am well aware that the seat mast tube isnt the only geometry to consider when fitting a bicycle, but Im just trying to narrow things down.

Here is the template to use: *size* *brand* *model* *type (ie road, hybrid etc)**random comments*
Example: 25" Bridgestone 400 road bicycle

Tapeworm21 03-25-08 12:01 AM

Cannondale Road Warriors come in "Jumbo size."

Gary Fisher low end mountain bikes come in huge sizes too. Saw a guy on a 25" the other day.

Sixty Fiver 03-25-08 12:11 AM

We had a 27 inch Marushi road bike come through our shop a while back... the fellow who bought it was six foot seven and it was really love at first sight for him.

As an adult, he had never been able to find a bike that came close to fitting him as besides being tall, he was no lightweight and looked like he should have been playing pro football.

BengeBoy 03-25-08 12:30 AM

Try setting up an automated search for "XL" bikes on eBay in their Road Bike finder. You can check every day for what pops up. I just looked now and there are several 64cm bikes, not any larger that I saw, but they do pop up. In a couple of weeks you'll have a list.

oneredstar 03-25-08 05:40 AM

Giant bicycles is making a XXL mountain bike this year, it equals 24". Giant is the largest bicycle manufacturer in the world, so this may be your easiest find.

totoroben 03-27-08 10:45 AM

Where is this XXL? I dont see it.

redneckwes 03-27-08 11:00 AM

Raleigh used to make 27" frames. I briefly had a 27" / 68cm Olympian. It got passed on to a fellow forumite who is much taller than I am. :D

totoroben 03-29-08 10:17 AM

I used to own a 27" bridgestone 400, but sadly the frame cracked. It was a used bicycle a built from the frame up. I had only put a few hundred miles on it.

late 03-29-08 10:20 AM

Call Cannondale, ask them.

asabike 03-29-08 12:39 PM

Rivendell Redwood, also colnago used to make up to 68cm,Cannondale,Trek used to make low end tall frames,older schwinn's and older most anything had taller frames,I finally had to go custom,go to Zinn custom cycles website and check out the link about longer cranks,being 6'7" you will probably need longer cranks.There are two places that have them,Zinn's and profile racing. Also check out

wayne pattee 03-29-08 01:26 PM

I don't know what kind of bike you're looking but this one comes in 2XL.
Good luck.

rabidgoldfish 03-29-08 07:36 PM

Trek has some 63s at least.

jimblairo 03-29-08 09:06 PM

Cannondale CAAD5 is sold to order in 66 cm. Frame and fork are about 465$.

jimblairo 03-29-08 09:08 PM

2008 Specialized Roubaix Expert and Pro in 2008 come in a 64 cm.

redneckwes 04-01-08 08:22 PM

Here is a Huge 80's Raleigh Record for the tall monsters.

jhota 04-01-08 08:31 PM

buddy of mine rides a Calfee, i think it's a 66...

bobjtx 04-02-08 07:19 PM

I am 6'6" and ride a 1986 Cannondale 27" (68cm) ST400. Totally rebuilt from frame up. I have been looking at tall frame options (66cm & up) for the last year or so. There are few options: custom (Seven, IF, Waterford, ZINN, Comotion, etc....). Mass produced there are much fewer. I called Cannondale and the largest they offered was Jumbo (25") (sport touring style frame) and flat out stated they would not custom build me a frame (so much for lifetime warranties :eek:). I haven't seen the CAAD5 frames in 66cm size - will need to look into that some more. Rivendale makes a 68cm frame and Comotion make a 66cm frame, but the frames+forks are $1500 - cheaper than some, but still expensive. The best option I have found so far seems to be the Soma Smoothie which is built in sizes up to 66cm for $325 (they are currently out of stock). Other than that, look at used older bikes. It's tough to be tall. :rolleyes: Sigh.


totoroben 04-30-08 08:34 AM

I just finished a Schwinn Traveler 27" bicycle. I outfitted it with a nexus, a taller seatpost, a 175 crank and a technomic stem. Works pretty well. I am happy.

Velo Dog 04-30-08 11:16 PM

Rivendell might still make the Atlantis and Rambouillet (or maybe just one of them) up to 68cm. I have a 64 in each, and I love 'em. They're getting expensive, though, up about $1000 since I got mine.
Just on the off chance, you might cruise thrift shops, like Salvation Army, occasionally. A 6'7" friend of mine bought a 27-inch (frame size, not wheels) bike the other day. It had been stripped and repainted, so we don't know the make, but it had older Campy components and a Brooks Pro saddle, forged dropouts and some other clues that it was decent quality. He paid $60 for it, I think.

habcup 05-01-08 01:24 AM

The Soma Smoothie ES comes in a 66 cm.

HOV 05-01-08 12:42 PM

Being that tall, you'd need one bicycle for each foot, and a whip to drive them forward.

To behold you riding in such a manner would be terrifying, and I would cower in fear.

This does not make me any less of a man.

Michel Gagnon 05-01-08 09:28 PM

Apart from Rivendell, I don't have many suggestions. A warning though: bike frames are not all created equal. For instance, I'm only 5' 11.5", with a PBH of 34.5" approx. (i.e. long legs) but average arms. I am OK on a 25" (63.5 cm) Trek 520 and could use one about 1" taller, but if I went with the LHT, I would need only a 58 cm. I could straddle the 60 or 62 cm without problems, but they would be way too long for me.

Likewise, Cannondale used to make a 27" touring frame and Vélo Sport (a Canadian company) used to have 26 or 27" frames, but in that latter case, I know the top tube was only 58 cm long.

kevbo 05-01-08 10:06 PM

Nishiki built some of thier higher end road bikes up to 27" frame size.

MichaelW 05-02-08 11:45 AM

The Canondale Touring is a good model for big riders. Jumbo size is a 25" but in compact style so you can add 2" to get the traditional size.
Touring bikes are usually made of thicker metal than the race bikes and are very strong but not esp heavy.
Note that big race bikes often have very short wheelbase: the same as Med size (as your saddle goes up your weight goes back). Touring bikes offer more chainstay so the big touring bike give a feel more like a medium racebike.
The other consideration for really tall riders is crank length. You need the longest you can find which is usually 185mm. For longer cranks you usually have to go custom for cranks and for the frame to avoid grounding the pedals. Zinn is the builder of choice for tall guys.

totoroben 05-12-08 09:39 PM

HOV: You have quite the imagination. I like your writing style.

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