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Stijloor 03-29-08 05:55 PM

Michelin Pro2 Race 700 x 25c

I am looking for Michelin Pro2 Race 700 x 25c tires. All I can find are 20's and 23's.
I've been on the 'net with not much success. There was something on eBay, but I stay away from that route. Any suggestions?

Thank you so much.


rmwkokomo 03-29-08 06:59 PM

Michelin is phasing the Pro2 out but they are still widely available. Not sure where you looked but Licktons ( and Cambria ( both have them.

tarwheel 04-03-08 02:07 PM

Send an email to [email protected]. His prices are excellent, plus free shipping, and he generally has a large supply of Michelin tires. I know that I have bought 700x25 ProRace2s from him in the past.

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