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cyclezealot 11-04-03 05:03 AM

What or who is the wallpaper on your desktops.
Do all of us have cycle oriented computer wallpaper. At home, I have a view of a Bonjour cyclists( Sylvain Chavanel) as he is about to sprint. At work, I have a Fassa Bortolo cyclists( Pertarchi) as he is being kissed by the podium girls after winning a stage in the Giro..
You know that picture, I think being kissed by the dark haired woman in the white dress would make my day, after the honor of winning a stage.

dexmax 11-04-03 05:30 AM

i'm currently looking for a wallpaper where

"santa is riding a bike.

right now? SAnta! who else... :D

kerk 11-04-03 07:25 AM

My wallpaper is one of my bikes. One at home and a different one at work.

djbowen1 11-04-03 08:01 AM

Mine is lance riding through a field of sunflowers at full bloom. He's small in the pic, and the sunflowers are as far as the eye can see.

MediaCreations 11-04-03 08:04 AM

Mine is my kids. I love them even more than cycling - and I love my wife even more again. (Am I allowed to say that here?)

travis200 11-04-03 08:15 AM

Here is mine

Jay H 11-04-03 09:49 AM

I had a picture of Roberto Heras in the golden jersey after winning this year's Vuelta at work, but now it is a computer generated winter landscape as I anxiously await the snow.

At home, I still have a photo of Lance going under the 500m flag at Luz Ardiden from this year's Tour de France that I took while I was up there.


KrisA 11-04-03 09:55 AM

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Current dream bike. I find I have to have wallpaper at work of things I want to own, otherwise my motivation level drops. :)

lsits 11-04-03 10:25 AM

Viggo Mortenson as Aragorn from The Lord of the Rings. Might change it to Gollum.

aerobat 11-04-03 10:52 AM

I usually check out this site and rotate through them both at home and at work.

caloso 11-04-03 12:58 PM

This morning's NWS/NOAA satellite photo of Nor Cal.

Schiek 11-04-03 01:15 PM

"The Look." Lance giving Ullrich the once-over before dusting him on L'Alpe d'Huez in the 2001 TDF.

orguasch 11-04-03 06:00 PM

I have my youngest son Miguel, my Grandson and me and my bike

Grendel 11-04-03 06:30 PM

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Here's mine:

BigFloppyLlama 11-04-03 06:49 PM

Mine’s perhaps a wee bit more morbid than bikes.

SteveE 11-04-03 07:15 PM

Yosemite Valley.

RonH 11-04-03 07:35 PM

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I've posted this before. Here's mine. I get tired of different ones and keep going back to it. :D I think it's from the 2000 or 2001 TdF.

velo 11-04-03 08:47 PM

Mine is a self-made one. It's the world champion stripes going horizontally across the screen with a white background. I made it with paint in a few minutes.

dafydd 11-04-03 08:53 PM

Forgive the bigginess]

yikes 11-04-03 09:09 PM

I haven't been able to find any good cycling ones lately, so I have a photo that a friend took of me at a cross country meet. I'm the kid in the blue with lotsa hair #537.

demoncyclist 11-04-03 09:10 PM

I have a picture of a Campy Record Carbon rear derailleur. But I have a screensaver that scrolls through all the pictures of my 22.5 month old son who always asks my wife "Daddy bike???" when I'm not home before him in the evening.


L J Horton 11-04-03 09:36 PM

I have a very nice whimsical blue donated by microsoft which is dotted with a few delightful icons of dubious value because I never use any of them.

FLYBYU 11-04-03 10:23 PM

Mine is blank right now, for a while I had some pics of bikes that I wanted, but now "gasp" I'm content with my stable so I switched it to a pic of a woman racing a track bike at a velodrome, beautiful woman, awesome bike, what could be better, but then I just got sick of that for some reason and can't really think of anything else I want on there, so it's blank.

MsVicki 11-04-03 10:49 PM

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Sometimes I get pictures off of to use as wallpaper. They have some really good cycling pictures.

Right now, however, my wallpaper is a picture of my grandson.

jcivic00 11-04-03 11:33 PM

I usually like right now it's a pic of a droplet in a pool of water just really close up, kinda cool.

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