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Chuvak 11-04-03 10:23 AM

Autumn Pics
Here are some autumn pics from my ride on Sunday, enjoy!

kerk 11-04-03 12:06 PM

Very nice!

orguasch 11-04-03 06:02 PM

I hate this season, I hate autumn, I like summer, any time

kerk 11-05-03 07:04 AM

Beats the crap out of winter!!!

Chuvak 11-05-03 02:25 PM


yikes 11-05-03 06:41 PM

you folks are crazy!!! autumn is the best, because that means winter is coming!!!!!!

RunYun 11-05-03 08:39 PM

I have to say I agree. I hate fall too. Everything dies and our 5-6 month winter begins. I wish I would have gotton some awsome pictures too, but most of our leaves were down 3 weeks ago. The sights on my hill ride were awsome. A couple days later and most of the leaves had dropped.

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