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mud 03-31-08 05:40 PM

Brakes, Cane Creek vs Shimano
I have a Fuji Professional 2.0 with Cane Creek SCR-5 brakes. Will I get better performance by
switching to Ultegra?

BarracksSi 03-31-08 10:40 PM

Change out the stock pads for something better first. If that's not enough of an improvement, then spend the bling on other calipers.

Mr. Beanz 04-01-08 08:08 AM

My $1000 range Lemond came with decent calipers. No name stamped on the shiny finish but they work. After the replaceable pads wore, I replaced them with Ultegra shoes ($10). I priced the replacement inserts, $30?:eek:....I go the entire shoe for $10 and the pad material is thicker!

Well I installed them and they wrok great. Didn't need fancy calipers. I have other bikes with Ultegra, 105's and such. These just as well. I'm 240 so I get pretty good speeds (45 mph) while descending on mountain rides. Perfectly fine for stopping my body mass. I can't understand when I hear liteweight guys talking about upgrading to Dura Ace cause the Ultegra is weak. I've read plenty of these posts and not many even ride in the mountains!:D

If you have extra money and want the bling bling, then go for it!:p

ted ward 04-01-08 08:39 AM

I have ultegra front, scr-5 rear on one of my bikes. They feel the same.

Pat 04-01-08 11:11 AM

Cane creek and shimano brakes are similar in my opinion. I have managed to wear out a crane creek brake set but I have not worn out a shimano.

OkComputer 04-01-08 05:51 PM

I have SCR-5 brakes and had to change the pads due to metal shards from the rim getting embedding into the pads. I think the rubber compound is too hard. I switched to Kool Stop Dura Type pads and they are 100x better.

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