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Niles H. 04-02-08 05:44 PM

Quickest and Healthiest Foods ?
I keep coming across new ones, and maybe there are others here who have also found some, or who are interested in finding more.

It's good to find new ones.

Something I've been appreciating more and more is the versatility of cottage cheese. It doesn't have to be disappointing in taste or texture; it can be very good.

These sites give some ideas:

It's good with favorite jams. I just had some with great raspberry jam on top -- really good and simple to prepare.

(Some brands seem to have much better textures than others.)

Another thing I found recently is surprisingly non-disappointing tofu. Mori-Nu seasoned tofus (the ones that come in soymilk-carton-like containers) can be excellent -- much better flavor and texture than most tofu.

Some of the very firm-textured, baked and marinated tofus are also good.

They can all be eaten as-is, pre-seasoned from the package, no preparation necessary.

Machka 04-02-08 07:00 PM

First, MODS, can we move this thread into the Training and Nutrition forum?

Second, some of my favorite quick and healthy foods:

-- fruit
-- raw veggies
-- whole wheat buns
-- cheese
-- a particular yogurt I have found, brand name: Source, flavor: lemon merangue (?), calories: about 200 for the entire 600 ml container

Steve Hamlin 04-03-08 09:47 AM

Hard-boiled eggs, toss the yolks. They're pure protein.

Peanut butter.


More peanut butter.

Burrito de refritos con queso en la tortilla de harina integral

Still more peanut butter.

Skim milk.

Need I add, more peanut butter. . .?

roadfix 04-03-08 10:17 AM


hornytoad 04-03-08 01:44 PM

same as those suggested by roadfix and:

gluten-free fig newton-type cookies (also available w/ strawberry-fruit filling)
almond butter
wheat-free breakfast/cold cereals w/ soy milk
egg-whites from cartons w/ spinach, broccoli and shiitake mushrooms
various edible ocean plants
sweet potatoes
raw almonds

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