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thetray 11-07-03 02:29 AM

To shave or not to shave?
So is shaving your legs an 'air-resistance' thing, or an injury prevention thing?
I'm failry new to cycling, and haven't taken the plunge yet. I have heard both points of view and want to get more opinions.

NZLcyclist 11-07-03 02:39 AM

for getting a massage and cleaning out wounds and making bike shorts more comfy...thats about it! lol


MediaCreations 11-07-03 04:51 AM

Instead of starting a whole new thread on a subject that has been debated to death over the years, you might find it easier to run a search on the forums using the words 'shave leg'.

You'll find heaps on info and it should help you to make your decision.:D

RonH 11-09-03 03:42 PM

Here are a few old threads to check.

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