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SipperPhoto 11-10-03 12:45 PM

My Lemond Frame is toast... time to start over

WEll I was out on a 45 miler on Saturday with my club... about mile 17, I shifted from my large Chainring to the small one.. the chain fell off, and before I could stop and put it back on, if grabbed on the rear cogs, and locked up my back tire.... in the process, tweaking my rear derailleur almost 180 degrees back, and bending my hanger a bit... upon closer inspection I noticed that my rear right dropout was bent backwards.. instead of looking like a 'C' it now looks like '(' my ride leader called an LBS, and they came and picked me up... I talked to the shop owner, and he said that it is pretty much toast... he could bend it back, but it wouldn;t be that safe to ride... and a frame builder couldn;t go in a change the dropout...

so needless to say... under Trek/Lemond's crash replacement policy... it will cost me about $829 to replace the frame with an '04 Maillot Jaune... $829 which I don;t have...

so it looks like I'll be riding my old beater Centurion 6 speed in the meantime... until I can find a new Lemond frame on Ebay, or elsewhere...

this really sucks... I loved that bike... and I only had it for 6 months,a nd about 800 miles on it... at least the components are still usable, except the RD...

So if anyone has any suggestions about a framebuilder/ repairer to get a second opinion, or if anyone sees any leads on a 54 Lemond frame out there... lemme know...

I'm still about 400 miles short of my 2000 mile goal this year... this is definitely a depressing setback...



lotek 11-10-03 12:50 PM


I would imagine all that needs to be done is replace
the dropout. If you're riding a steel frame its not a big
deal. I would check with local framebuilders, not sure
how local he is but Brian Baylis is one of the best out


SipperPhoto 11-10-03 12:55 PM

yeah.. it's 853 steel... I'll have to chek him out.. I'd really rahter just spend a little cash, and keep the frame... than spend a lot more and have to re-assemble everything...

thanks for the Brian baylis tip :-)


Smoothie104 11-10-03 01:15 PM

If its steel, it can be fixed/replaced.

naisme 11-14-03 12:05 PM

There's a guy in MPLS that builds frames, and he's real persnicity, won't touch anything but steel. Chris Kvale ( ), nice bikes.

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