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goldfishin 04-07-08 08:17 PM

i would like a frameset for 26" wheels that takes panniers at a cost of $300 or less.
know of any such thing?

i could go with a surly, but if i buy the frame ($400) and then the new cranks i need (if i have to replace my bb $200 or so), that comes to $600 (actually, if i were to go with drop bars the total cost... well... and i forgot the headset, so the headset adds $50 and the bars add another ... i think i'd stick with flats.). the whole bike is only $400 more with better parts than i have. so, as i don't have enough to buy the whole bike, i must therefore find a cheaper frameset to make this economy ring true.

oneredstar 04-08-08 06:11 AM

There are so many options here. You can almost get a frame set for any bike that is on the market, just go to your local bike shop, tell them how much money you want to spend, and they will find you one. You can easily get a frame for under $300.

Little Darwin 04-08-08 09:13 AM

You don't mention specifically what you are doing, but a couple of options: has a frame for $84 that has rack braze ons. THey may have others that would fit the bill better for you too... I just noticed it is their cheapest.

Another option... I just bought the next newer model of this (did a BIN on this frame and the vendor offered me an upgrade for $15 more:

I just got mine Saturday, and it has braze ons for a rear rack, and looks like a nice frame. A touch heavy, but it uses Columbus Chromor OR tubing, and according to the tubing information I have found online it is supposed to be good for people that really hammer their mountain bikes, so it should be durable for any usage.

The bike comes ready to use cantilever brakes, and if you do the $15 upgrade the cable routing works well for V brakes also (but still has the stops for cantis). As I recall, the newer model has S shaped seat stays and better cable routing... Maybe some other difference as well.

These seem to be NOS from about 1995 or so.

For under $150 shipped, it is a great deal for what looks like a quality frame...

goldfishin 04-09-08 02:08 PM

if only i could buy NOW! ... i have to wait till june :(

Little Darwin 04-09-08 02:51 PM


Originally Posted by goldfishin (Post 6490291)
if only i could buy NOW! ... i have to wait till june :(

If you are talking about the Ebay frame I got, the seller is very cooperative, and you shouldn't hesitate to ask him if he is willing to hold a frame for you if it is what you want. It sounds like they have several of them, and are just putting one at a time on the Bay.

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