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Bokkie 11-10-03 01:57 PM

How is the bike 'ebay' going?
I have'nt been able to follow up for a long time as I'm in the UK, but it was Joe who set up a sort of ebay for bikes?

If that's right, how is it going? Presumably you forum guys US/Canada side are supporting it?

Joe Gardner 11-10-03 01:59 PM

Bokkie, I haven't had the time to promote the site at all. I am trying to work out some legal issues first. I expect to "re-launch" the site in a month or two, with all the bugs worked out.

Bokkie 11-10-03 02:41 PM

Thanks for that Joe. Hope it all goes well when you relaunch it. No doubt we'll see it when you are ready. :)

FLYBYU 11-11-03 02:59 AM

Was that I have it in my favorites and checked it a few times already, but there isn't a whole lot on there yet.

ParamountScapin 11-11-03 06:11 AM

eBay is going to be tough to compete with. Best of luck, Joe.

Guest 11-11-03 02:24 PM

The site is Expect for it to be up and running as soon as possible! Go for it, Joe!



JCM800 11-11-03 04:14 PM

I think it's a wonderful idea and would be a nice alternative to ebay,which I don't care for.


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