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Owen 11-18-03 11:21 AM

Mercier bikes
I was wondering what people thought about there bikes.
I haven't seen much discussion about them.

L J Horton 11-18-03 06:02 PM

They were pretty good bikes. The only ones I ever saw had Huret, Simplex and Stronglight parts with center pull brakes. The disadvantage was that all the parts had French threads.

Dave Stohler 11-18-03 07:01 PM

Don't get mercier confused with mercian.

deliriou5 11-18-03 09:22 PM

and don't get the old mercier confused with the new mercier

Owen 11-19-03 05:24 PM

There are a few on ebay and I had not heard of them
and after checking their website I still didn't know anything more.

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