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Jonny B 11-18-03 11:33 AM

I don't know what to do. I really want a cross-type bike (see, but I simply don't have the cash (well, right now I can't even buy food, but I've got a student loan on the way :) ). I'm selling my guitar (Parker P38, anyone interested?), but I really don't want to sell any of my good bikes. I have an Orbea road bike that will donate most of the parts for the 'crosser, so that's gotta stay, for the moment at least, and a Fly BMX what I absolutely love but hardly ever ride (I stripped it down and put the parts on a cheap frame to take to uni). I don't want to quit BMX to the extent of not having a decent bike, but at the same time I feel so badly towards it right now that I have no interest in actually riding. I know my interest will return sooner or later, and if I sell I'll definately regret it later.

Being at uni I can't really get a job that'll pay for it, but I'm seriously considering quitting, so that would free up a lot of time. I suppose the obvious thing to do is just wait and save up as much as I need (enough for a full Campy groupset too :) ), but I suffer from a serious case of Iwantitnow syndrome. It's not just vanity though, I feel as if this winter will go to waste without a bike I feel comfortable riding in winter conditions.

What would you do - sell things you know you'll want later or save up and waste time?

Whippet 11-18-03 12:33 PM

get mudguards and put 'em on the road bike.

Turbonium 11-18-03 03:01 PM

too cheap for mudgards? use coke bottles cut in half!

Allister 11-18-03 04:35 PM

Wider tyres on the roadie might help winterise it too.

MKRG 11-18-03 11:56 PM

This may be a stupid idea. I don't know as I've never tried it. You could look for an old lugged road bike at a garage sale that has 27 inch tires. Then you could swap the 700 rims and such over from your road bike (assuming that they're strong enough for cross). You could also swap your shifters and derailers over to the 27 inch frame. The reasoning behind this is that with the added tire clearance you could throw some cross knobbies on there and be in business. Although it would take some knowledge, finesse and maybe even some duct tape I'm betting it's possible.

I say again: I have not ever done this. It's just an idea. I also do not recomend this if you do not know how to put your road bike back together again properly.

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