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rjtokyo 11-19-03 07:25 PM

Cycling Club Suggestions?
A few of us are in the process of starting a new cycling club, with the main goal of bringing together cycling enthusiasts in the area for regularly scheduled rides. Never done this before, so we're eager to learn from your suggestions and past experiences. We've done 2 test rides so far, one 120km mostly flat, and the second 80km with hills. Both went very well. We're mostly targeting avid riders, but also want to accomodate the less experienced with easier versions of the main route, meeting the advanced group half way, etc. A web page is in the works, bigger rides will be monthly, early am training rides are 3x/ week. Do you have any suggestions? Things you've liked or disliked from clubs you've been in? Greatly appreciate your input. Thanks!!

cyclezealot 11-19-03 08:24 PM

The clubs that I have connected with have about 3 levels of riders...Slow/social; fast/racers; middle abilities, less intense but still fairly fast..
Some will want a rest time for a lunch, social period. Fast rides just want a no nonsense, competitive ride.
Set up a group for each of these types and everyone should be compatible. Then of course, there might be some moutain bikers...

dirtbikedude 11-20-03 08:26 AM

A lot of the clubs out here (at least the ones I road with) cater to all levels. What they would do is start out in one large group with about 3 or 4 leaders. Then at predetermined points the less expierianced/in-shape riders would turn off to take an easier/shorter route.

There would 4 points where a rider could decide to turn around or try and make the entire trip. The short rides were about 12mi, then a 15 to 20mi and finally the hardcore riders would just ride on until they decided to head back which was usually 75 to 100 mi with a lot of hills.

You may also want to encourage your riders to carry radios. What usually happens is the rider in back falls off the pack do to a mech problem and need to let the leader know about it. Also, with the shorter rides, set up rest points where the group will wait for the straglers to catch up and NEVER, especially with the begining rides, drop 'em. If they are new to the sport it will deter them away very quickly.

One other thing you can do is set up a web site where you will list the rides, describe what the route/pace will be and contact information of the rider who will be leading that particular group.

Also be sure that a rider lets the leader know if he/she will be showing up so you know who will be there and you do not sit arround waiting and count the number of riders in each group before heading out.


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