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ts8lemonade 05-09-08 03:55 PM

Should I apply Proofide to the under side (B17)
Hi all. I just received my Brooks B17 from UPS about 20min ago and along with it I ordered some Proofide. I was wondering if someone could offer a bit of advice seeing as the instructions were very brief. I applied Proofide to the top of the saddle and am letting it dry, then as per the instructions will wipe it off with a cloth. Should I apply Proofide to the underside of the saddle as well? Thanks.

I'm really looking forward to giving this saddle a go when I get a chance tomorrow :D

[edit] Also about how long does it take to dry, couple hours?

Nermal 05-09-08 06:55 PM

The instructions say to apply it to the underside. Really. I seem to recall they say to do it only once, or maybe just not very often.

Drying time depends on your weather. Hour or so on top. Don't worry about the bottom.

Velo Dog 05-09-08 07:28 PM

Grant Petersen at Rivendell has written a lot about this, and his directions have worked for me--one of my B17s is at least 15 years old, and the others are around five and seven:
Basically, he recommends applying Proofhide only once or twice a year. Don't goop it on weekly or anything. He's a little ambivalent on the underside issue, but I do it annually on the premise that it will give some protection if I get caught in the rain (I carry a plastic bag, but you never know).
FWIW, I live in the high desert where humidity is often in the 10-15 percent range, but Brooks still lasts forever with that treatment.
I don't worry about drying. I usually put it on at night and let it sit overnight, then just ride. Your shorts will polish it up. Don't wipe the underside--it will eventually soak in or dry out.

CastIron 05-09-08 08:38 PM

Generally yes. Absolutely if you don't have fenders.

wahoonc 05-10-08 07:03 AM

Heavy layer on the bottom, heavy layer on the top, let it sit in a warm (not hot place for 24 hours) wipe the excess off the top, repeat every 6-12 months depending on use and weather. I think the underside is the most important place to protect if from road spray, as noted especially if you don't have fenders.


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