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MADBIRD 05-22-08 10:56 PM

Size Help and Advice!
Just picked up a used 'Centurion Super Le Mans' not sure what year or measurements, but as far as I can tell all original parts. It rides smoother, faster, and most comfortable. and it looks sweet! i love it. The only thing is... and its a big thing... the standover is 0. Not negative, but flatfooted my crotch is right on the tube.

I've had a brand new bike fitted for me before, and of course it was just right, but i had to sell it for rent in a tough time (yeah aweful, right?) after that i was handed down my dads old Donelson, though he's about 5 or so inches taller than me. I recently finalized the repairs needed on it, only to come to terms with the obvious: I was too small for this bike no matter how many adjustments i made.

Although the Donelson was nice this Centurion Super Le Mans seems to be a far superior ride, though im worried ive made the same (but lesser) mistake. I've been looking hard for some weeks now and this bike is the best dang used deal/fit ive ever found, all except for the standover. I really, really dont want to give it up so soon and go back to searching. Is there anything at all i could try and make this work, or at least some reasuring testimates from those who have overcome this great obstacle?

thank you.

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