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MDScaper 05-24-08 11:52 AM

Trek 7.7FX vs Trek 7.9FX
I am considering upgrading my 7.5FX which I like very much but I am looking for a bike that might have more durability and give me enhanced performance. Does anyone have an opinion/opinions on either bike? Thanks!

badgermac 05-24-08 01:12 PM

It's the same sort of bike, just component differences correct?

MDScaper 05-24-08 01:50 PM

The 7.9 is all carbon I believe. I would hope that the components would be better on the 7.9 as well. I've read some reviews where it's said paying $2000+ for the 7.9 is just not worth it for a hybrid bike and so that's why I am also looking at the 7.7. If someone felt the 7.9 was worth the money I'd consider it.

Little Darwin 05-24-08 03:36 PM

Since you like the 7.5FX very much, I think there are a couple of key questions to be considered.

You mention durability and performance as potential improvements with the upgrade. How are these lacking in your experience with the 7.5FX? Are you aware that these two elements are sometimes contradictory in cycling?

I ask these questions knowing nothing about the bikes, but for hybrids, I agree that in general a hybrid is not purchased for performance at all, so paying for carbon may not be a wise investment. Although if the ride is more comfortable, or it fills a need for you, it may well be worth it to you.

Also, in cycling, higher cost bikes are not necessarily more durable, but lighter and potentially less durable. A premium is paid for lightness on the highest end bikes, and it is sometimes acheived at the loss of durability. Remember at the highest end, durability isn't the selling point, the weight is... a vendor may choose to give up durability or strength if they can cut 10 grams from a component...

Not that they would intentionally make a component inferior, but can hollow chain pins really be as strong as solid pins? But, if it is strong enough for the user, it is fine. Can the titanium pedals with published weight limits really be as strong as the chromoly equivalents at half the price and 1.25 times the weight and no published weight limits? But, for a light rider who wants a lighter pedal, it will do the job well.

Just food for thought...

So, what do you want to gain?

It could well be that the $2000+ hybrid might be the right choice for you. If it is, and you can afford it, enjoy it. But, I need more info before I could in good conscience advise you either way. :)

envane 05-24-08 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by MDScaper (Post 6753629)
I've read some reviews where it's said paying $2000+ for the 7.9 is just not worth it for a hybrid bike and so that's why I am also looking at the 7.7. If someone felt the 7.9 was worth the money I'd consider it.

Its sure as hell is not, and here is why: because simply adding drop bars will make you faster than any amount of fancy lightweight components on a flatbar roadbike. The ~$800 entry level Trek 1-Series 1.2 will be faster than the $2500 7.9FX.

In general, any bike above $1000, you are paying for tiny, diminishing increments of performance and not durability.

Save teh carbon for real road racing bikes, please.

Little Darwin 05-24-08 07:28 PM

The previous message is absolutely right if, and probably only if, speed is your only concern.

Like I said, come back and let us know why you want to upgrade.

The bottom line is if they both fit your needs, then test ride the two, and decide whether the 7.9FX is worth $2k to you...

MDScaper 05-25-08 03:40 AM

Thanks for the well thought out advice. Being relatively new to biking I appreciate all the advice you can throw at me. I had gone to my LBS rep and mentioned that I was looking for a bike to improve my performance on the road. I currently use the 7.5 for riding on the road. He suggested that I try out the Trek Pilot 5.0 to see how I like riding a road bike. I didn't! After just 30 miles my back was screaming at me to go more upright! I have had the 7.5 for almost a year now. Perhaps I just got a lemon, but from the first week of owning the 7.5 the gear shifting is no where as smooth as for example on the Pilot or on my 7.6 (which I use for unpaved trails). And so I thought that if I upgraded to the 7.7 that the gears would be better and at the same time my performance would be better. And so, performance aside, should I expect more durable gear components on the 7.7 and 7.9?

rickyaustin 05-25-08 10:36 AM

Don't spend $1700+ on a new bike if you just have a bum derailleur. If you want to overhaul your bike, just buy some new components and pocket the extra $1200+.

With that said - Maybe you should try other road bikes. They can get the fit correct for you to where it won't hurt your back. Also - you will be become more flexible just from riding.

When I first got my Cross Check last year riding in the drops almost killed me... now I'm ready to remove a couple spacers and ride in the drops 24/7.

Obviously you understand the value of a nice bicycle. Try shopping around, ride MANY bikes, hybrid and road, and see if you find something that will make you happy. Some road bikes have more upright positions than others.

duff1301 05-25-08 08:27 PM

i have the 7.7fx about 1 yr old and love it. done several 70 plus on it with no problems. No complaints here. Currenty rode a 7500 with front shocks and seat shock, now its my trail bike and 7.7fx i stay on roads. speed in not my primary concern it's fitness and just plain riding.

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