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Timberwolf5578 05-29-08 12:37 AM

How good is a 1994 Cannondale Super V 3000 by todays standards?
I have a 1994 Super V 3000 mountain bike that I just started riding again. I rode it relatively regularly for about 6 years. No hardcore mountain biking, mostly paved surfaces and occasionally off-road trails. It was sitting in a garage for about 8 years, and I just started riding it again, so it's in quite good condition for it's age.

So is a 1994 Cannondale Super V 3000 considered a good bike by today's standards?

Any responses will be appreciated.


ShadowGray 05-29-08 12:41 AM

If it was a good bike then, it's a good bike now.

Sure, some of the parts are a little outdated,but if they do the job.. they do the job.

mlts22 05-29-08 12:42 AM

There is nothing wrong with it. Yes, dual suspension bikes have changed designs, but that doesn't make your Super V any less ridable.

The only thing I'd do is to check the pivots for wear, as well as the usual checks on the drivetrain (cables/housings, chain, brakes, tires, wheels in some decent true state, etc.)

The only bad thing about V bikes (I have one myself) is that people assume they are cheap because of all the X-Mart junk bikes that use a similar shape.

If you really like that bike, you could always give it a "second wind" by component upgrades such as Avid Single Digits so you have V-brake stopping power.

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