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SamDaBikinMan 12-18-03 06:10 PM

Taking a break from the computer.
If it matters to anyone I will be taking a break from the forums and the computer in general to use this time to do things that are constructive.

I will check e-mail and will reply to Private messages if anyone wants to talk about anything. Otherwise I am going to kick this little habit for a while if not for good. This little addiction is something I can live without.


kalkalash 12-18-03 08:20 PM

i tried to hang myself but couldnt find rope

MikeOK 12-18-03 08:28 PM

Yo Sam - I wish I could get away from these machines sometimes myself, I am surrounded by them 8 hours a day (at least). Winter is the worst time, the short daylight hours can be tough.

Go out and get some sunshine, when you come back we'll talk bikes again...

temp1 12-18-03 08:48 PM

Good luck in the real world, I appreciated and enjoyed reading your posts.

Gordon P 12-18-03 10:18 PM

See ya around Sam.

roadfix 12-18-03 10:26 PM

Sam!......Don't go!!! Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease!!!!????

Mtn Mike 12-18-03 11:12 PM

He'll be back! Once a forum junkie, always a forum junkie :D :D :D

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