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velo 12-27-03 05:28 PM

Orbea Orca Price?
Does anyone know the price of the new Orbea Orca road frame? I can't seem to find it listed anywhere.

Smoothie104 12-28-03 12:42 AM

Frame and fork $2,199

sperera 01-03-04 03:34 PM

Orbea Orca
I am from Gibraltar, Europe and I am already riding an Orbea Orca. I am told I am one of the first people to own this bike as I put in my order back in October 4th. I received the frame/forks on 22nd December!!!!!

I bought it as a frame and forks with FSA aheadset for 1,600 euros. This is roughly 2,015.68 USD. at today's rate.

To this I have added Rolf Prima Vigor wheels, Continental 3000 tyres, Deda Synapsi bars, USE Alien Titanium seatpost, full Shimano Dura Ace 10-speed groupset and Saddleco Flow saddle.

The bike is superb and I hope it will serve me well in the sprint duathlons and triathlons I compete in. It weighs around 7.5 kg fully loaded with pedals on and 2 carbon fibre bottle holders. The size of my frame is 51cm as stated on their web site geometry chart. (

I think the frame is the best 'bang for bucks' carbon frame out there....costing a lot less than the Trek Madone for example and probably just as aerodynamic....even lighter perhaps, I am not sure. The fact that Iban Mayo and not Lance rides Orbeas keeps the asking price down I'm sure!

I will be glad to answer any questions or send pics if anyone is interested!

Stephen Perera

RegularGuy 01-03-04 04:19 PM

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I have got to say that this is one pretty piece of plastic.

Gustaf 01-03-04 04:34 PM

go to Orbea's website and e-mail them about the price, they will tell you. I was in a similar situation with another one of their bikes and just asked.

fubar5 01-06-04 08:07 AM


willic 01-06-04 09:36 AM

This Months Pro-cycling has a large advertising spread on the "Orca" with "Prendas Ciclismo" selling them "Mail order" depending on the component makeup.

Tops, Dura Ace,Kysirium wheels and other quality components,work out at not much change from 4,000
Frame and fork 1700, whats that convert, $6.500 appro, and $2,300.....

jchet 01-06-04 12:36 PM

I own a 2003 XLR8R frame with Record and I am ordering a 2004 Orca Jelly Belly Team bike also. I guess getting divorced isn't so bad after all. I don't need to explain the ligic of having both. There isn't any!

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