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jitterbug boy 12-30-03 05:13 PM

fender question
i have a trek 4500 w/ a rack, does anyone know if the freddy fenders atb fenders will fit my bike? here is the link to the ones that i'm looking at

if not, can someone recommend some fenders.


Aloner 12-30-03 06:03 PM

Wrong topic. Sorry.

lsits 12-30-03 07:30 PM

Dash off an email to They should be able to answer your questions. Be sure to mention the size of your wheel (I'm assuming 26") and the width of your tires.

BlastRadius 12-30-03 07:50 PM

If you have a front shock the Freddy's won't work since they attach to a fork crown and rack eyelets that you don't have on the shock. The rear may work if you have rack eyelets.

Check these out. They should work with the front shock.

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