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bg4533 01-06-04 12:07 PM

Toe Clips dont work, how about Power grips?
I have a 2003 Specialized Hard Rock that gets ridden to school (1-2 miles each way) and on the trail a lot. I just bought toe clips and they work fine with the running shoes I always ride with on the trail, but my Dr Marten boots that I almost always wear otherwise dont really fit into the toe clips. I wear a size 12 shoe and the toe slips are barely big enough to get the shoes into and then when I do, the boots hit the top of the clips as soon as I get in and I cant get enough foot on the pedal. I like the feel of the toe clips, but they do not feel like they are going to work out.

Clipless are not an option as I am not going to switch shoes for 2 mile rides and I really dont want to spend the money anyway, so I am not looking at clipless platforms either.

Will I suffer the same shoe width problems if I get a set of Power Grips? Any other options?


MichaelW 01-06-04 12:21 PM

Rivendell are doing an XL toe clip, which may work.

I usually bend steel clips to get a boot in.

demoncyclist 01-06-04 01:54 PM

Power Grips aren't significantly wider than toe clips. I would search out either the Rivendell XL or an old set of steel toe clips which might bend enough to go 'round your Docs.


Hunter 01-06-04 07:16 PM

Oh but you can adjust Power Grips to fit a rather wide boot. I had and have Power Grips set up for insulated hiking boots and tac boots as well. They work far better than tow clips and IMHO as well as clipless pedals with a good deal of float. Since I have both I can attest to both.

bg4533 01-06-04 09:49 PM

Well then I might have to give them a shot. Thanks for the help.

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