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robertsdvd 01-09-04 08:42 AM

Leather helmets
I gave it passing thought once, but I just saw a photo of some Scottish bicycle race of recent and one of the racers was wearing a leather helmet... so I was curious -- do these offer much protection? Are they mostly for fashion? This is what I speak of:

Anyone have any thoughts or opinions on these?

Just curious...

lotek 01-09-04 10:14 AM

They slide ok on pavement, do absolutely nothing to
protect your head from a blow received in a fall. There
are some French riders who wore them as a sign of
protest after UCI mandated helmet use in all races.
They were the only thing available for racing up until
mid 70's when Bell, skid-lid et al. started producing hard
shell helmets.
They're a nice collectors piece, or conversation piece
but I sure wouldn't use one.

atbman 01-09-04 03:17 PM

Protected scalp, not brain.

Known as "hairnets" in the trade

jvpdent 10-27-04 04:14 PM

I am currently looking for those leather helmets from the pre-UCI days. Not to wear, to display. Any ideas on how to get one?

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