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cyclezealot 07-01-08 06:05 PM

cost calculator : driving vs cycling
Searching for western Michigan bike shops , I found this comparative cost calculator for estimating car cost visa bike commute costs. An interesting find. thanks to the Village Bike shops of the Grand Rapids area. My comparative costs 132 dollars in the car, 12 dollars on the bike.

Even if you only ride occasionally, the savings of bicycling instead of driving are substantial—and you probably already own a bike! Enter your numbers above, then hit the Calculate buttons to see your savings. And, remember the other great benefits, like how much healthier you'll be, how much better you'll feel at work, how easy it is, and how much fun, too! We're hooked on bicycling and living green. Just visit or ask and we'll help you start saving!

markhr 07-01-08 06:11 PM

Tax – Rates per Business Mile

First 10,000 miles
Cars and vans 40p
Motorcycles 24p
Cycles 20p

Above 10,000
Cars and vans 25p
Motorcycles 24p
Cycles 20p

cost per mile + fuel + parking

According to the guv'mint anyway.

edit: that may be completely wrong as it says a load of stuff about taxable benefits and not claimable expenses :(

JoelS 07-01-08 06:12 PM

No savings at all for me.

I work at home.

roadfix 07-01-08 06:40 PM

No savings for me too. When I cycle I eat twice as much.

InTheTrenches 07-01-08 08:47 PM

That calculator places a value of zero on your time.

ablang 07-01-08 10:23 PM


Originally Posted by cyclezealot (Post 6982899)

Cool site but that pic is already out of date for gas prices (update weekly).

In Sac, it's $4.50 a gallon.

The last questions for each are confusing to me.

cyclezealot 07-02-08 04:45 AM


Originally Posted by InTheTrenches (Post 6983813)
That calculator places a value of zero on your time.

Doing what you want instead of wasting time doing nothing. I'd like to think that time spent on the bike is a postive thing . Maybe it should be considered an asset and not a negative . Meaning, as you cycle , not wasting gasoline and consuming calories, gaining fittness; the ledger should measure it on the positive side of the financial ledger.

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