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Jaron 07-01-08 11:14 PM

scraping the logos off the frame
i have a surly lht and i was just curious as the best way people scrape the logo's off the frame without messing up the paint. i have seen it done and it looked good. i heard maybe using a plastic tire lever would work well. anything else?

mlts22 07-02-08 01:33 AM

Depends. Some logos are just stuck on, others are on, and covered with a layer of clearcoat, so removing them would cause serious paint damage.

d2create 07-02-08 07:26 AM

If they are not under the clear coat (pretty easy to see it) then I would probably start with a hair dryer to heat up the adhesive and see if that will let you get it started with a fingernail. The work some Goo Gone or Goo Off or whatever that stuff is called under the sticker and continue to peel it off. I'd be very careful with using tools on the paint, even plastic because some paints and clear coats are softer than others and you can mar the surface.
Once you get it off, give the whole frame a good wipe down and apply a coat of polish and wax.

jsmithepa 07-02-08 11:35 AM

Plastic tire lever proly a bad idea. Where did u hear such old-maid legend?

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