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mijome07 07-02-08 04:13 PM

how much should I sell my wheels for?
I bought a 'cross bike this past May and I want to sell the stock Alex R500 Rims it came with. They have 14g stainless spokes and basic sealed hubs. How much do these rims sell for brand new? These wheels are made for roads, rather than cyclocross.

mijome07 07-03-08 12:01 AM

Maybe I'll just keep them as a backup wheelset. :D

mstrpete 07-04-08 11:50 AM

I think backup wheelsets are a great idea. If you want a price estimate, you could search ebay or CL for similar items, and see what they're selling for. Price seems to be set by the buyer, IYKWIM.

ShadowGray 07-04-08 01:21 PM

I wouldn't think they'd go for very much... the complete wheelset for maybe 100-200?

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