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gforeman 07-03-08 07:17 PM

Today, I got connected!
I put a set of Shimano M324 Pedals on my Gary Fisher Mtn bike. I got the SH-56 Clips. I was scared at first thinking I'd not be able to unclip and fall over :lol:

I like the different releases of the SH-56. I will probably install these on my Trek 1.5T also. I love being able to use my bike shoes or just plain sneakers with them. I can really feel the difference on the steep uphills being able to lift with the other leg. When I'm in heavy stop and go traffic, I unclip and use the other side of the pedals.

Best of both worlds!

I opted for the Mtb type shoe. The street shoes just did not fit my feet well.

CCrew 07-03-08 08:30 PM

I have the same pedals and love them. Them and a pair of Specialized Tahoes and good as gold. You will however have to fall over at least once, but it needs to be in a public place where all can see. It's a rite of passage :-)


JanMM 07-03-08 08:59 PM

Just because you use clipless pedals or toe clips does NOT mean that you are DOOMED to fall over. Unless you are clumsy. I haven't fallen over related to pedal-retention devices. Yet.
If you do fall over, make sure someone gets a video of it.

mlts22 07-03-08 10:09 PM

+1 on the M324s. They go with anything.

gforeman 07-05-08 02:37 PM

I put the 324's on my Gary Fisher Mtb, and went back to get a set for my Trek 1.5T and they were out. I got instead a set of 530's, and I love them too! Uses the same cleat. I like the looks of them, and they are very easy in-and-out.

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