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ken cummings 07-04-08 11:17 AM

Finished my first 10K (on a bike)
A friend and I were asked to escort several hundred runners through a hilly 10 kilometer loop today. As a mile of the course was rocky dirt we used our commuter bikes. On the flats was fine but on the first 500 foot climb the 3 leaders passed me. On the next (300 foot) bump 4 more caught me but I stayed with them. Mind you I am only an average recreational club cyclist, 25-30 lb over-weight, with a heavy bike loosing air from the front tire yet I climbed with these whippet-thin teens and 20 somethings. Descending a twisty mountain road on a nearly flat tire was exciting but I caught and passed number two. My pal stayed with the leader we were escorting. I left my pal to do the expected sag loop as I fixed the flat. The leak was through a free foam backed instant patch I had gotten on Bike to Work Day. Covered it with a proper Rema patch.

mark9950 07-06-08 05:59 PM

only 10k that 6 miles,I do three times that in my neighborhood ride 18 miles.

icedmocha 07-06-08 07:30 PM

Awesome man! 10k or 100k, each is a different accomplishment for different riders. It sounds like you have many thousands of miles in your future!

mark9950 07-06-08 09:16 PM

I personally put 4000 miles on my brand new trek classic cruiser in about 8 months,I rode it so much i wore out the coaster brake hub,new wheel.

Nermal 07-06-08 10:03 PM

Bully for you, mark. 10k is about what I ride, too.

mark9950 07-07-08 05:23 PM


Bully for you, mark. 10k is about what I ride, too.
Dont you think you would have to go farther?

Vanthel 07-08-08 12:27 PM


Originally Posted by mark9950 (Post 7016912)
Dont you think you would have to go farther?

My dad does 10k and he finds it ample.. I personally prefer at least 20 miles and then of course at AT no matter what distance makes it pretty worthwhile

maddyfish 07-08-08 12:58 PM

When I saw 10k, I thought you meant 10,000 miles.

mark9950 07-08-08 08:06 PM

Today I just finished my 40 miles or so.From south side of chicago,8200 south by the lake front to colfax ave and ridge road in griffith indiana, and back, took the erie lackawana trail in indiana,off sibley street in hammond.The strange thing is that it doesnt seem very far but it takes me about 4.5-5 hours.


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jsmithepa 07-08-08 09:00 PM


Originally Posted by ken cummings (Post 6999885)
Finished my first 10K (on a bike)

So... it took u 2.5 years to take the plunge? Why so long. :) What's next? When?

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