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njs05 07-04-08 02:00 PM

Bike Bike? Pannier?
Okay so what does everyone think between a pannier and some other kind of bag? I don't really like panniers but the only other thing I have found that really is big enough is this akrapack bike frame bag ( but what does everyone think? Pannier? Akrapack? Different frame bag?

d2create 07-04-08 08:54 PM

What is it you want to carry?

There's large saddlebags, trunk bags that attach via a clamp to your seat post or sit on top of rear racks, there are bags that sit on top of front racks, milk crates, panniers, handlebar bags... then there are messenger bags and back packs... and of course panniers which you say you don't like but may end up liking the best when all said and done.

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