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ablang 07-05-08 12:00 AM

I fell down HARD today!
I had a little extra time (about an hr) before having to feed my cat. I was planning to go out and ride my hybrid (700c x 32 tires) around the neighborhood a bit before kitty's dinner. After finishing my ride and feeding the kitty, I was planning to take my beater bike to the grocery store and do some errands.

So I was on this paved sidewalk in the middle of a park and on one of the exits (it enters a cul de sac), the sidewalk ends sharply w/ a dropoff to the street. The sidewalk forks both left & right w/ the sidewalk becoming more curved (for easier transitions for strollers, bikes, etc) away from the dropoff. Anyways, I turned left along the sidewalk.

I started to go parallel down the curb (should've gone more at an angle) when I noticed that there was water there from someone watering their grass or having washed their car. Anyways, my skinny tire lost grip or traction and I went down fast.

As I was going down, I remember thinking that I hadn't fallen down since I was a teen and also thinking I can't believe this is happening. There was no time left to react.

I went down hard on my left side. My head hit the asphalt. I wasn't wearing a helmet. I usually don't wear one unless I go on long rides, but I'll start wearing one from now on. I was worried about 3 things: 1) my teeth 2) my expensive rimless glasses (which came off my head as I hit the road & 3) my rear derailleur (I know it to be the most vulnerable part of a bike and a b**** to have to adjust).

I got up realizing I had a few injuries (which I promptly photographed when I got home): my left cheekbone had a slight abrasion. My left shoulder had a regular bruise (it seemed to take most of the fall). My left knee got skinned. And my bell got rang (I may have a slight concussion).

Went I got home, some things got worse. I felt it more then than earlier. My cheekbone actually grew to a bump the size of a Sacagawaea coin. My shoulder bruise became more evident. My head didn't feel concussed. My jawline may have gotten skewed on the left side b/c eating felt weird there. Might be b/c of the bump on my face. I sprayed both my shoulder & my knee w/ rubbing alcohol. It hurt more on my shoulder than the knee.

Fortunately, there was no one around to see me fall at the time of incident, or even bike back home. I did learn a few lessons that day.

I had become way too complacent and confident. I should be more vigilent. Always always always wear a helmet. I might buy a better one in the future. I want to protect my skull and brain from further damage. I might also buy good gloves to protect my hands (even though they were lucky this time). I will also endeavor to be much more careful around water. Stupid water! I wonder if the same thing would've happened w/ my mountain bike (w/ wider tires)?

Needless to say, I called off my errands for the day.

Slackerprince 07-05-08 12:58 AM

Hope you feel better.


TromboneAl 07-05-08 08:38 AM

Thanks for the graphic warning. It's so easy to become complacent. I sometimes find myself thinking "I shouldn't be doing this" (e.g. riding on some gravel, squeezing between posts, etc.). One of those times I ended up with stitches in my chin.

Flying Merkel 07-05-08 09:05 AM

But you did feed the cat?

JSnow789 07-05-08 09:37 AM

We have identical knees today!


girljen 07-05-08 11:47 AM

OUCH. Thanks for the graphic reminder...have the cat bring you an ice pack and some neosporin.

ablang 07-05-08 12:54 PM

Thanks guys. My ego is more bruised than my actual injuries. Still have slight bump on my cheekbone. My left shoulder is sore. Wondering if my jaw will chew okay over time. And w/ my knee I can do limited walking. I guess I won't be biking for a few days.

I know some people might consider quitting cycling after such an accident, but the thought never occurred to me. I've been biking for far too long and I wouldn't dream of stopping.

And yes, I did feed the cat. She wouldn't let me forget.

Gonzlobo 07-05-08 01:11 PM


Originally Posted by Flying Merkel (Post 7003504)
But you did feed the cat?

With a cat demanding to be fed on a schedule, it sounds like the animal owns the owner...

sanitycheck 07-05-08 01:24 PM


Originally Posted by ablang (Post 7004436)
And yes, I did feed the cat. She wouldn't let me forget.

Right now she's over on, posting a rant about how you were ten minutes late with her food.

Skipper 07-05-08 04:38 PM


Originally Posted by Gonzlobo (Post 7004482)
With a cat demanding to be fed on a schedule, it sounds like the animal owns the owner...

Let me guess. You don't own a cat?

Gonzlobo 07-05-08 04:47 PM

Of course not.

IronMac 07-07-08 03:11 AM

Odd..I fell hard too while going to feed a feral cat colony. Sprained wrist. Ripped out spoke. Typing with one hand. More details on blog. :(

Good luck, OP!

TalkingHead 07-07-08 03:39 AM

nasty, hope you get better

EatMyA** 07-07-08 03:55 AM


Originally Posted by ablang (Post 7002531)

As I was going down, I remember thinking that I hadn't fallen down since I was a teen and also thinking I can't believe this is happening. There was no time left to react.

The same thing happened to me last week. he he. I got almost the same damage you did ecxept I was able to keep my head from hitting the ground.

Good times, you'll feel better in a week. and your confidence will be back stronger than ever.

sizzam 07-07-08 09:31 AM

ablang 07-08-08 11:47 PM

Thanks for all the well wishes, guys!

As for my injury report, my shoulder bruise has grown into something worse than it was. It actually grew pus and seemed to burst on its own overnight. Still feel it when I reach for stuff, or sleeve rubs against it. For my knee, I also feel that when my pant legs rub on it. Still have a slight limp when walking. I feel I must be ginger or risk reopening it before it heals and falls off on its own.

I do wish I was fully healed. I miss not cycling. But in Sacramento this week, we still have all those fires going on (unhealthy air) and 110 degree summer heat, so I can wait til Friday (someone predicted it would take one week).

Siu Blue Wind 07-09-08 05:31 AM

It's a blessing that your head was not cracked open or anything - with nobody there, who knows how long you would have been on the ground with no help.

Keep the wounds clean and use lots of neosporin.

Glad things aren't worse.

And as for riding, it's supposed to be about 115 today and there are more fires so it's better off to stay inside anyway.

Take care.

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