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cc_rider 07-05-08 02:49 PM

Not me.
Saw another cyclist get doored a porta-john.
Early afternoon I was riding around the Mall in DC, long before the fireworks crowd started to gather. Not many people around yet. I see a cyclist passing across the front of a long line of porta-johns. Suddenly one of the doors pops open and clips him. He didn't fall and the person who opened the door seemed ok. I decided to let them sort it out so I just rode on, laughing to myself.:lol:

Zan 07-05-08 04:13 PM

hit one of those things hard enough and you could tip it over :P. Sucks to be the person inside!

Nermal 07-05-08 07:23 PM

And if you do it exactly right, it would be like riding into a hatchet.

spinnaker 07-05-08 07:29 PM

Now that is one you wish you would have caught on video! :)

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