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N_C 01-13-04 04:18 PM

for those that use/ride on a trainer or rollers.
how many miles do you usually go? or how many can you stand?

or if you don't use mileage how much time do you spend on one?

Maelstrom 01-13-04 04:34 PM

60 minutes max. My brain shuts down before then due to pure boredom but I start to loose focus around 1 hour. I think my record is 75 minutes...I would much rather NOT do it then do it :)

Stubacca 01-13-04 04:37 PM

60 minutes max here too, but I usually end up at around 45 mins. I have a rear wheel sensor for my bike computer, so could easily go by mileage. I think it's old habits from using stationary bikes at the gym that's given me a mentality of time-based trainer sessions rather than mileage-based.

djbowen1 01-13-04 04:47 PM

you should do a search for this there are many threads, i dont go miles i go time, i do 30-40 minutes on a trainer.

sm266 01-13-04 07:55 PM

1.5 hours is my max, but I've only done 10 minutes total this winter. Mild winter, rideable weather.

MikeOK 01-13-04 08:13 PM

A few days ago I did a personal record of 70 minutes. It was brutal. It was only after I tried to do a road ride in under 20 degree temps and whimped out. It has to be REALLY bad weather for me to ride a trainer, but it's better than nothing (just barely though).

One thing I have found is that a trainer is not too bad if you are doing intervals. Intervals are no fun no matter if you are riding indoors or out, and it's actually a little easier for me to arrange an interval workout on the trainer than it is to do it the "real" way.

supcom 01-13-04 10:21 PM

I can manage 30 awful minutes on the trainer. 40 minutes on my stairmaster. The stairmaster is more tolerable as it sets the speed. Even so, give me an hour of daylight after work and I'll be happily riding in the cold.

Oak Park Biker 01-14-04 12:01 AM

I ride rollers when I can't get outside. I started at 1.5 to 2 hours with the radio blasting. This much time makes my shoulders and hands numb so I've dropped the time to an hour.

bbarend 01-14-04 07:24 AM

I can only tolerate 35mins. The sweat pooling on my back, the dry cracking skin opening up. What's not to love. Need mor day light.

lotek 01-14-04 09:50 AM

I've done 1.5 on the rollers but like everyone says its
pretty tedious. milage varies based on the particular
ride/workout I'm doing. Minimum is 30 minutes avg about
40 - 45.

Ratface 01-16-04 07:17 AM

I do intervals and actually really enjoy myself! Perhaps because I've not been riding on the trainer so very long and perhaps because I hav my trainer set up in front of my computer so I can watch cartoons and films ;-)

But I find that riding intervals and focusing on quality is pretty fun. I like the fact that I can be more controlled and focus 100% on the quality of my pedal stroke as opposed to on the road where I'm also focusing on the trafic, the road conditions, getting down the hill in one piece etc ;-) Don't get me wrong, I'd rather be out in nature, but for structured regular training, it's much easier for me to jump on my trainer and then jump in the shower instead of having to prepare layers of winter clothing, clean up my bike afterwards, make sure I have tools, phone, money, ID etc with me and all the other baggage that comes with going out for a ride.

I'm definitely training more regularly and in a much more structured way since I got my trainer.

RiPHRaPH 01-16-04 07:58 AM

to answer your original question, i usually go 15 miles. i gave it up however do to the choppiness.. i joined a club so i can use the spin bikes.

el InglÚs 01-16-04 11:13 AM

20 mins minimum , max 45 mins as my butt hurts too much after that ( or is it just boredom making me notice ? )

TriBob 01-16-04 11:27 AM

Long. Last week was 3 hours. My max is 6 hours last year. Watched 2 1/2 movies.

spazegun2213 01-16-04 12:24 PM

I ride in a fairly small room, so its normally an hour before i start counting the cracks in the cinderblocks.

zotma 01-19-04 10:48 AM

usually 45min to an hour
have done a bit longer but everything goes to sleep
as long as the tunes are blare'n
and I'm paying attention to intervals/training techniques,
the time goes by fast enough

MikeOK 01-19-04 11:48 AM

Tunes do make a huge difference. On my last trainer stint I did intervals, through one song I would do 65% HR then up it on the next. I actually held 95% through the whole Volcano Girls song the other day. Thought I was gonna fall off my bike into the pool of sweat on the floor after it was over though heheh. Try and time it where the angry songs come up on a high interval, mellow songs for recovery, works great...

ewitz 01-20-04 02:07 PM

Always go at least an hour. Sundays take the bike and trainer for a 'group ride', which is 3 hours.

Don Cook 01-20-04 03:20 PM

However long a music CD takes to finish. Maybe 45-55 minutes?

orguasch 01-20-04 11:20 PM

I have both trainer and rollers, my roller broke so I bought my first trainer last Thursday Jan 15, 2004, I have used the trainer ever since have log 5 hours and average of one hour a day, I would probably ride longer if i don't have to cook, for my youngest son Miguel, one secret of riding longer for me is that, in the building where I work as a Super we have a Gym, so that gives me motivation with all this beautiful girls exercising, and going back to my roller, Minoura will replace the roller and they where saying that it is under warranty I , will be picking up the rollers this Saturday

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