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SinGate 01-13-04 09:42 PM

Cycling Terminology Defined
Cycling Terminology Defined
I thought it would be interesting to hear cycling specific terms and their meanings. I know the easy ones like “On your Left” “Drafting” and the ever popular “…Got Dropped.” But I was thinking there has to be some really great terms out there that you could share. :rolleyes:

Chris L 01-13-04 09:47 PM

Would you believe that I still haven't worked out a proper definition for "spanky" yet?

roadfix 01-13-04 10:05 PM

"Light Up!"
"Rider Down!"
"Hold Your Line!"

SinGate 01-13-04 10:13 PM

Oh yes those
"Car Back"
"Car Right"
"Car UP BOB!" :eek:
-Now Bob tends to ride in to oncoming traffic and needs the special additional "BOB" added to his warning calls; even then he usually requires it be called out at least twice "Car Up Bob" "Car Up Bob!!!" In fact now even when Bob is not with us on a ride it is still "Car Up Bob."

demoncyclist 01-14-04 09:10 AM

I do a 3 day charity ride every September. The team that I ride with started calling out "POLE!" while riding on the Cape Cod Rail Trail. They use these cement filled yellow posts at road intersections to keep motor vehicles from turning onto the rail trail. We now have a teammate with the nickname "Ping", because despite our warning calls, he smacked right into one. Granted, we had consumed A LOT of tequila the night before, but the rest of us managed to avoid conducting any physics experiments that day. He was okay, and so was the bike. We didn't want to laugh, but we had to.

shokhead 01-14-04 09:13 AM

I only use OYL or whats up or windy as hell,thats about it.

Random 01-14-04 12:12 PM

On the rivot. Or one of my favorite Armstrong phrases, fingers in his nose!

lotek 01-14-04 12:16 PM

George Hincapie's favourite: NO CHAIN.
Bobkeism: Die like an animal as in
"the domestiques are gonna die like an animal on the
side of the road today. . . "


MichaelW 01-14-04 01:12 PM

twiddling and honking
the bonk

Allister 01-14-04 05:03 PM

Don't forget the ever popular 'Fred', or the local equivalent 'Hubbard', referring to a less than fashionable rider.

SinGate 01-14-04 05:16 PM in look at that "Fred" with the black socks, blaze orange jersy and pink shorts?

Grampy™ 01-14-04 06:48 PM

This might help....

SinGate 01-14-04 06:52 PM


Originally Posted by Grampy™

Sweet! Now that's what I'm talking about! :D

---But oh the spelling errors....

caloso 01-14-04 07:12 PM

My buddy refers to an anti-Fred (a rider turned out in immaculate matching kit and pristine bike) as a "Fabio."

demoncyclist 01-14-04 08:58 PM

We also refer to helmetless riders as "grapefruit", as in "his head got mashed like a grapefruit."

shokhead 01-14-04 09:18 PM


Originally Posted by caloso
My buddy refers to an anti-Fred (a rider turned out in immaculate matching kit and pristine bike) as a "Fabio."

And boy there's lots of those.Now my bike is always pristine but if i match,its dumb luck but not head to toe,i just could'nt do that.

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