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Kayle 01-15-04 02:28 PM

Stupid question...
Heh, heh...anyone know what "trekking" means, or what a "trekking" bike is?

Here's a link to where I found this...

They have some interesting bikes there.

Ebbtide 01-15-04 02:44 PM

There is no such thing as a stupid question, but there are stupid bikes.

It seems to be the Hummer of the bike world.

erraticrider 01-15-04 02:57 PM

Driven by what's inside????

el InglÚs 01-16-04 11:10 AM

The stupid question is the one you DON┤T ask , and boy does that one bite .

Ignorance is not having the brains to ask when you don┤t know the answer .

lotek 01-16-04 11:24 AM

Here's what Oxford says:
trek v. & n. orig. S.Afr. --v.intr. (trekked, trekking) 1 travel
or make one's way arduously (trekking through the forest). 2
esp. hist. migrate or journey with one's belongings by
ox-wagon. 3 (of an ox) draw a vehicle or pull a load. --n. 1
a a journey or walk made by trekking (it was a trek to the
nearest launderette). b each stage of such a journey. 2 an
organized migration of a body of persons. ▄▄trekker n. [S.Afr.
Du. trek (n.), trekken (v.) draw, travel]

There is some connection between trk and South Africa, I believe the guy who started Trek was a South African immigrant? not sure on that tho.


sscyco 01-16-04 01:21 PM

That is one ugly mothertreker.

Kayle 01-16-04 03:46 PM

Thanks for both the answers and the psychological support. :D

Yeah, it makes sense that they would have these types of bikes in Europe, where most people actually don't have cars and would need an inexpensive, efficient form of transportation to get around or to even do work in.

It's kind of neat that they have specialized utility bikes...I wonder what it would be like to ride one of these things.

Trek also makes "commuting" bikes in the US, which are on their USA site. They look pretty weird, too, but the drivetrain is completely enclosed in a plastic (I think) casing that prevents your pants from getting chewed up...

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