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john mac 01-16-04 07:03 AM

< Wanting to buy a bike from USA??

With the excellent exchange rate at present it is amazingly cheap to buy a road bike from the USA and ship over to the UK. The problem being the risks of being duped etc. Can anyone reccomend a good site that would be trustworthy, good value and reliable shipping etc????



cyclezealot 01-16-04 01:32 PM

I think if you go to US made bikes( if there is such a thing) from their web sites they can direct you to dealers...
I often try to buy US products. Many are a fraud.
Maybe final assembly might be here..Of course that might mean putting a pedal on a crank.
I buy New Balance shoes. Think only shoe left made in U.S.They have a sticker inside stating made in US with US components and US union labor.!..!...Rare.! Thats why I buy them,other than fact I find them comfortable...And at same price of so called US tennis shoes made in VietNam...Guess, US basketball stars endorsement takes a lot of cash...
AMong US made bikes....Trek, Klein, Cannondale. Several touring bikes are definitely US made... Like Bruce Gordon..
Amazing thing..After using union labor they really are not much more expensive than cheap foreign imports. Unless, you go for a bottom priced cheapo bike...Assembly made in Taiwan...
Maybe , the manufacturer will ship overseas? Proud that you would consider U.S. made..Many US bikes are very well made and we can be proud of them...

Luken8r 01-16-04 03:55 PM

one problem you may encounter is many mainstream bike manufacturers (GF, Trek, Specialized and the like) prohibit vendors from selling bikes over the net. they want the bikes to be assembled by a certified shop, likely the one that sold it. this is just for for warantee problems. they dont want to have some knucklehead put a bike together and fark it up then complain to them that its busted.

Heynow 01-16-04 04:38 PM

Can anyone tell me if Surlys are made in the USA

fore 01-16-04 10:53 PM

surly frames are made in taiwan.

Guest 01-16-04 11:19 PM

Dude, you guys have ALWAYS had an excellent exchange rate in Britain! Whoooooo... where you been, under a rock or something?

:D ;)

Actually, I've been thinking about that too- I thought originally I'd like a foreign bike, but I've been doing a lot of checking around in the last month, and it's looking like I should stick with a bike made in the USA or Canada. I'm just looking towards May, because some financial analysts say that the feds will finally take their heads out of their cracks and raise the interest rates so that the dollar will start to make some gains. Basically, I'm waiting to see which way the dollar goes before I make a final decision.

If you are buying a bike and sending it back, the only thing I think you'd be concerned with is how much tax you'll be charged to ship a new bike home. If it's nominal, why not?

I'd recommend if they sell bikes. I'd avoid because they get sloppy with shipping- it is sometimes WEEKS before you see a simple order for something they promised weeks ago. They usually seem to be out of stock for things I order, and if that's the case, you never know when the order is coming in. Try too- they're always good with the shipping, and with a coupon for 20% off, you can make out like a European with the Euro (whoops, wrong analogy :p that's not you guys... yet!). Finally, check They sometimes almost give those bikes away they can be so cheap, and they are very reliable. With a good sale and/or a coupon, you could do some real good with your wallet.


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