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altec2 07-15-08 02:23 PM

biking Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard
anyone ever visit these place and get around by bike? can you take the bike on the various ferries? do you ever end up having to bike on the sand or through rough trails? i have a hybrid (bad boy disc) with road wheels and tires and was wondering if it would do the trick or if i would be better off renting a mountain bike there. i could also buy and attach 26" wheels apparently but have no plans to do so otherwise.

thanks...trying to plan a vacation.

Jim from Boston 07-15-08 02:37 PM

Bikes have always been no problem on the ferries to MV, at least out of Woods Hole. There is a nice bikepath in Woods Hole, about three miles long, from the parking lots, or the buses are equipped to carry bikes. I am a road cyclist and the roads on MV are great, often with adjacent bikepaths. I don't know about off-road riding. I've never ridden on Nantucket.

Sportsman9 07-16-08 01:16 AM

I have only been to Nantucket. You can cover most of the island on paved trails. I liked the Polpis trail best.

ackjohnny 07-16-08 08:03 AM

I don't know much about M/V except that is way bigger than Nantucket. One of my coworkers sons did his first half century last week, his summer camp group had to go around twice to do it. Middle island to madaket to sconset then around again.

Nantucket is very bike friendly, the NRTA has racks, when you call a cab just ask for one with a bike rack, it may take longer but if you are tired it is worth it. I would be sure to have a bell or horn since stroller dodging can be scary.

If you ferry here I belive it is 5$ for a bike but could be free if you are savy. I wouldn't rent since then it easy to tell you aren't from around here. Also, rentals are rather expensive IMO. But I have been wanting to rent a tandem, if only my wife was as crazy as I am.

Youngs bike shop has a free map with the bike paths highlighted and they are on The Strip which is right next to the Steam Ship wharf.

Pm me if you want more details or tips. Or have more specific questions.

Jay H 07-16-08 09:25 AM

When I was a teenager, our church group took a trip to Martha's Vineyard and we cycled the entire island via bikes, it's like maybe 15 miles end to end or something like that. It seemed like a long ride when i was a teen but now it's like nothing. It's a nice place to actually bike though it's surely busier now than 20 years ago... enjoy!


Billy Bones 07-16-08 09:47 AM

Cycling's great out there. As others have noted, folks and services quite bike-friendly. Balmy weather dehydrates you quicky.


Originally Posted by altec2 (Post 7065729)
. . . do you ever end up having to bike on the sand or through rough trails? . . .

Only if you choose to do it. Mind, it never hurts to keep a clean chain in sandy conditions.

I just HAD to see Chappaquiddik Bridge [site of Bobby Kennedy's "Adventures in Water Sports" awhile back] and it's a ways back a sandy road. Ruined a rear derailleur with sand in the pulley wheels.

icedmocha 07-16-08 08:00 PM

I would love to bike ACK. I had done some biking of it in 2005 and it was great!

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