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ocz800 08-07-08 07:12 AM

Does any one else use Thule racks?
I got a thule hitch rack for my 2" suv hookup the other day. I installed it the other day, but wasnt able to secure the rack to the car with the Master hitch lock i got because Thule has some weird screw-in-from-only-one-side attachment.

Is there anyway I can actually lock this thing to my vehicle with a lock? Does Thule make a special locking screw or something?

ocz800 08-07-08 07:14 AM

nvm, i found it. It's the Thule Snug Tite 2 Lock.

its 45.00. wow thule, way to capitalize on this one.

Rex G 08-07-08 01:38 PM

Make sure not to use that great Thule rack in the rain! Keep in indoors. Perhaps that frame-saver stuff will make it useful outdoors. Mine rusted inside, and dumped out rusty water that stained everything. Great Thule racks, they are.

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