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soccersonoma10 08-07-08 03:34 PM

Bike possibly abandoned at local park?
It looks to me like there is a bike that has been abandoned at a park that is down the street from my house. I first saw it locked up at the bike rack, which was nothing unusual. "Hmm, nice bike" I thought. Then I came by a week later, and the park was completely empty. But the bike was still there, locked in the exact same position. Should I report it to the police and wait for no one to claim it, or should I leave it as is, and wait for someone to pick it up. Also, it is locked sideways and takes up the entire bike rack:mad:

Your thoughts?

Allen 08-07-08 03:51 PM

Get in touch with park maintenance, they'll cut it off the rack.
Abandoned bikes are a shame, but unless they are on your property you have no right to claim it as your own.
Buy it from the police auction like you are supposed to. Whoever left it had x amount of time to claim it, and after that it is the property of the local government.

PS, tossed in the trash is different from locked to a rack, bikes in the trash you are free to take.

xenologer 08-07-08 04:19 PM

Put a piece of tape over the lock keyhole and see if the tape is removed in a few days.
May just be that someone keeps locking their bike in the same place each day but uses it when you aren't around to see.

I see a bike that looked abandoned tied to a signpost every day on the way to work, but noticed one day when I passed by at a different time than normal it wasn't there. Turns out someone just... has no common sense and likes to keep his bike on the street instead of his garage.

And, unless it's really preventing you from using the rack yourself. I wouldn't mess with it, just to be safe. Could well be that someone rides that bike to work every morning (shops nearby?) and has a routine of leaving it in that park... don't want to have his bike confiscated by the city if thats the case right?

soccersonoma10 08-07-08 05:08 PM

I like the tape over the lock idea, I will do that. And this bike really does impede anyone else from using the rack. It is horizontal against the rack, with a huge cable lock that goes through almost the whole rack, but my bike never leaves my sight in that park anyways :)

Also, the bike is a red and white centurion ironman, from 1987. Looks to be in OK shape.

fredddir 08-07-08 05:58 PM

I think you should steal it.
Just kidding.

mlts22 08-07-08 09:26 PM

I've seen this argument on previous threads. My take is very simple. I don't want to run the risk, even slight, of being arrested as a bike thief. The tape is a good idea, because it can be likely that the park would cut the lock off, impound the bike, then you likely would be able to take it, or buy it at a pound sale. This way, you have proof of ownership of the bike should a dispute arise.

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